Why do 99% of authors fail to sell more than a few hundred books… while 1% become global sensations?
"Give Us 15-Minutes And We Will Reveal The 6 Myths That Are Sabotaging Your Success As An Author"
Finally, the no B.S. truth about what it really takes to launch a best-selling book is exposed by two Renegade Book Marketing Mercenaries that have been there, done that, and are back to tell the story.
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'The 6-Myths That Sabotage Book Sales'
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  • The surprising marketing lessons we learned getting a first time author to the top of the New York Times Bestseller list and have used repeatedly since then. 
  • Why most books will spend their lives in the Amazon rankings graveyard, despite how much time, energy, and effort is spent on them.
  • How the naivety of most authors will crush their dreams, but make yours easier to hit.
  • The contrarian (but right) place to focus your efforts in marketing, that no one else is willing to tell you because it is the most powerful thing they do.
  • The subconscious beliefs that make most authors aim lower than they should, and what beliefs will propel you to success as an expert, author, consultant, coach, or entrepreneur.
  • What you need to do well before your book is released, so it doesn’t launch to an audience of tumbleweeds.
  • Why there is a certain time for creativity and a time where being creative will lead to imminent failure.
  • How timing is everything when it comes to successful book sales, and what the right times are to follow in the exact sequenece that leads to predictable success.
  • How you can access the protocol that your idols use to get Readers on Demand, and enjoy the spoils of top author success.
We lived and worked on the inside of the 8-figure publishing industry for years...
Now, we're sharing everything we know and condensing nearly two decades of experience into this 15-minute video. 

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“We needed their help to turn the book into a global phenomena—which is a huge, crazy ask—and they delivered!”
Steven Kotler, New York Times Bestselling Author
and Award Winning Journalist
"We have been truly impressed by their knowledge and expertise, but we have really been delighted by their 'get-it-done' approach."
Nichol Bradford, Executive Director of the Transformative 
Technology Lab
“The honest (sometimes brutal) feedback and insights you gave were critical to making this book great. Truly appreciate you.” 
Vishen Lakhiani, New York Times Bestselling Author
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'The 6-Myths That Sabotage Book Sales'
About Your Presenters...
Colton Swabb

Colton Swabb is the quintessential creative professional, embodying Steve Jobs’ legendary mantra, “Real artists ship.”

Blending a deep passion for artistry and an unwavering discipline in execution, Colton has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to produce well researched, compelling, emotionally stirring prose that captivates audiences and leaves them wanting more.

Teaching lessons learned on his own journey from a humble mid western town to the highest echelons of creative entrepreneurship, working directly with 8 figure publishing companies, launching multiple NYT best selling authors, and marketing the world of cutting edge researchers in the fields of human performance.

Gavin Abeyratne

Gavin Abeyratne is an author, entrepreneur and investor with a speciality in digital platform building and customer acquisition. Gavin has built multiple six figure businesses from scratch, taken six figure businesses to seven figures, and helped thousands of authors and entrepreneurs scale their businesses using the internet. Through Readers on Command, Gavin is applying his skillset specifically to engineering bestselling book launches, as after a decade of marketing experience tells him, this singular focus has the ability to amplify one's career and business like nothing else.

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